Saturday, 29 October 2011

Friday, 9 September 2011

Our Profile

 FNE Consults Limited is a consulting and contracting firm which provides quality and efficient service delivery in the area of Supplies, Procurement, Construction, Dredging, and Environmental/Marine consultancy. The firm is made up of reputable like-minded young professionals as the Management team who also are result-oriented just like the company itself. The company believes in ‘Results’ hence the core values of the company is that no matter your status, we serve you as One Client, One Delivery; More Services, More Results.

FNE Consults is an indigenous firm gearing towards becoming an international firm due to the quality of services it renders to clients. It consists of renowned individuals who play a special advisory role to the company ensuring that the company maintains a standard of operation within its services.

General Supply:
·         Computer Supply/Accessories.
·         Industrial Generators.
·         Air Conditioners.
·         Steel Equipment.
·         Tiles/Roofing Materials.

·         Office Equipment/Stationery.
·         Hospital Equipment.
·         Safety Equipment.
·         Shipping Equipment.

·         Road Construction.
·         Building Construction.
·         Drains.
·         jetties


Environmental/Marine Consultancy:
·         Environment Impact Assessment (EIA).
·         Environmental Fieldwork/Researches.
·         Environmental Pollution & Control.
·         Hydrology, Hydro-geology and Geosciences.